HACTL Super Terminal I OAP Silencer
HK International Airport Contract 312 Meinhardt Silencer
International Exhibition Centre PBA Silencer
Air Cargo Terminal , Chep Lap Kok  Rankine & Hill  Silencer
Aviation Fuel Service Facility PBA Silencer
MTRC , Taikoo Station MTRC Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
MTRC , Lai King Station MTRC Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
MTRC Contract C3271.02-05E -
Jordon Station, Quarry Bay Station &
Causeway Bay Station
MTRC Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
MTRC , Luk Yeung Sun Chuen MTRC / HYDER Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
MTRC , Kowloon Bay Depot MTRC Silencer
MTRC Headquarters , Telford Center Gregory Asia Ltd. Silencer
MTRC C506A, Mei Foo Interchange OAP Silencer
MTRC Tsimshatsui - C4420 MTRC Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
KCRC Fo Tan Headquarter KCRC Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
KCRC Kowloon Station OAP Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining
KCRC CC604, Depot PBA Silencer
KCRC CC402, Nam Cheong Station Hyder Silencer
KCRC East Rail Extension Contract
LCC-300, Lok Ma Chau Terminus
WSP Silencer
DB 350, West Rail Tai Lam Tunnel PBA Silencer
Cyberport C540 Westwood Hong & Associate Genset Silencer
Wing On Redevelopment Hyder Chiller Silencer , Acoustic Louvre
TWTL 353 , Bus Terminus OAP Silencer & Acoustic Fan Enclosure
TWTL 353, Hotel & Comm. Development CHINACHEM GROUP Acoustic Ceiling System
TWTL 353, Nina Tower CHINACHEM GROUP Chiller Acoustic Treatment
Gateway II Wong & Ouyang / Shen Milson & Wilke , Ltd. Silencer
CMB Depot Meinhardt / Arup Acoustics Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining, Acoustic Enclosure
URA Project at Queen Street ACE Acoustic Enclosure
Landmark North Sun Hung Kai Properties Acoustic Compressor Enclosure
Tseung Kwan O Lot 27 ACE Acoustic Compressor Enclosure
28 Queen's Road Campbell & Shillinglaw Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining
Redevelopment of CDW Site ENPAC Acoustic Louvre
Tung Chung Wan Telephone Exchange JRP Genset Acoustic Enclosure
Po Man Telephone Exchange RUST Chiller Silencer 
Fanling Telephone Exchange RUST Chiller Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining
Shamshuipo Telephone Exchange TAP Acoustic Enclosure
Lockhart Telephone Exchange RUST Acoustic Enclosure
Waterloo Telephone Exchange RUST Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Ngau Tau Kok Telephone Exchange TAP Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
CLP Shatin Centre Campbell & Shillinglaw Acoustic Door
CLP Shatin Warehouse CLP Silencer
CLP Wai On Street Substation CLP Acoustic Louvre
HKE Wong Chuk Hang 132kV Substation HKE Silencer
HKE Cyberport Substaion HKE Silencer
HK Opening Learning Institute RUST Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining
CUHK, Lady Shaw Building CUHK Silencer
CUHK, C. K. Tse Building CUHK Silencer
Ko Shan Theatre Wong & Ouyang / Arup Acoustics Silencer
PSPS At FSSTL 125 , Area 18 TAP Chiller Silencer
RHKJC Shatin Parade Ring RHKJC Silencer , Acoustic Compressor Enclosure
RHKJC Telebet Centre
RHKJC Chiller Silencer , Acoustic Compressor Enclosure
PSPS At TKOTL 50 , Area 55 JCL Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
PSPS At Chai Wan Lot 154 , Siu Sai Wan JCL Silencer
PSPS At Tuen Mun T.L. 395 JCL Silencer
PSPS At Aberdeen Praya Road Meinhardt Silencer
Terminal 8 RUST Silencer
Park Lane Hotel - Cooling Tower Acoustic Enclosure
Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel CAMPBELL Chiller Acoustic Enclosure, Acoustic Door
Tung Chung Citigate Hotel
CAMPBELL Acoustic Wall Lining, Isolated Wall Acoustic Ceiling System
Empire Hotel CCE Silencer, Acoustic Louvre
Shangri-la Hotel Far East Consulting Silencer
Emperor Byron Hotel , Happy Valley TAP Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Pearl Grand Parc & Hotel TAP Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
133 Leighton Road TAP Cooling Tower Acoustic Enclosure, Acoustic Wall Lining
44 Stubbs Road TAP Aluminium Acoustic Louvre
Jusco Kornhill Store TAP Silencer
Concord Shopping Arcade Sun Hung Kai Properties Cooling Tower Silencer
8-10 Hart Avenue ACE Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
430-436 Nathan Road Felix Tsang & Partners Silencer
Hong Kong Baptist University ACE Silencer
Engineering Building Complex Phase II CUHK Silencer & Acoustic Enclosure
Kwong On Bank Redevelopment JRP Silencer , Acoustic Wall Lining
Tin's Commercial Building CREST Silencer, Compressor Enclosure
A&A Works in Discovery Park Wong & Ouyang Silencer
46-52 Cameron Road Meinhardt Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Megazine Court PBA Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Somerset House PBA Genset Silencer
Dickson Cyber Express PBA Silencer
Ma On Shan 418 CHINACHEM GROUP Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
I Asia Work JRP Silencer
Metro Shamshuipo  CCE Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Craigengower Cricket Club  P&T Compressor Enclosure
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Ph.7 PBA Silencer, Packless Silencer
Bowling Alley at Club House, TKOTL 24 SINO GROUP Fabric Acoustic Wall Panel
Fashion Island at Paterson Street TAP Silencer, Acoustic Door, Acoustic Wall Lining
Now TV Headquarter Shen Milson & Wilke , Ltd. Silencer
Trading Hall for Hong Kong Exchange &Clearing Ltd.
Shen Milson & Wilke , Ltd./ JRP AHU Acoustic Enclosure
AIG Tower
CAMPBELL Acoustic Wall Lining, Genset Acoustic Enclosure
K-11 Hanoi Road Westwood Hong & Associate Acoustic Wall Lining
102 How Ming Street TAP Silencer
Chong Yip Centre RICHMOND Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Belgravia, 57 South Bay Road PBA Chiller Acoustic Enclosure
Studio 8 to 10, TVB City TVB Acoustic Treatment
STTL 530 Wu Kai Sha SINO GROUP Bowling Alley Acoustic Treatment
Hotel at 38 Sung Wong Toi Road MEINHARDT Silencer
Amoy Plaza TAP Cooling Tower Acoustic Enclosure
YWCA Social Services Centre, Tin Shui Wai SL Ho & Associates Band Room & Piano Room Acoustic Treatment
ZSS Integrated Social Services Centre SL Ho & Associates Band Room Acoustic Treatment
Stewards Integrated Social Services Centre SL Ho & Associates Band Room Acoustic Treatment